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Orange County John Wayne Airport Shuttle

John Wayne Airport Shuttle

You’ll find this easy use airport has three terminals, with the Thomas F Riley terminal being the largest, offering 730, 505 square feet of space. The two other smaller terminals are primarily for commuter travel. The spacious Riley terminal has more than just ticket counters and check in areas; it offers a beautiful lobby created from stainless steel, natural stone and glass. With vaulted ceilings and large windows as one of the features, you’ll never feel closed in and be able to appreciate the expansive view.

Other features make the John Wayne Airport a delightful departure or destination point.

* Plenty of dining options make it easier to find the food you want.

* Shopping is available to find those gifts for pet sitters or family. You can even shop to help pass the time while waiting for your next flight.

* The airport has plenty of items of interest, which include a rotating art exhibit and a bronze statue of “the Duke.”  The bronze statue sits atop a marble pedestal, which allows you to touch the statue or even have a picture taken with it.

* You’ll find valet parking, off street parking and terminal parking. The valet parking offers such services as a hand wash or detailing. The cost of the terminal parking ranges from $2 an hour to $20 dollars a day, with the off street parking being the same per hour with a maximum charge of $20 a day. There are busses to take you to the airport if you use the off street parking.

* If you’re staying any length of time, you’ll find a John Wayne airport shuttle service may be less hassle and expense. The shuttle service picks you up at your home and provides airport rides Orange County passengers find far more affordable once they calculate the cost of gas and parking.